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"Passionate about the infinite power of plants and convinced from a very young age by my father, a research pharmacist, that the major therapeutic discoveries originate from the world of plants, I remembered 5 basic truths that inspire me every day in my beauty philosophy and guide me in continuing to build the NUXE brand:

·         Nature as my inspiration. As an inexhaustible source of effectiveness and creativity, it is key to my vision of cosmetics.

·         Innovation as a motor. Since its creation, NUXE has had its very own R&D laboratory. Today, there are 32 patents in submission and others are being studied.

·         Evaluation as standard. A product is only launched if its safety and effectiveness are proven through rigorous testing and objectives carried out under dermatological supervision.

  • Accessibility as a major focus. The most effective treatments are not always the most expensive. I therefore strive to offer consumers high-performance products at the right price.
  • Sensoriality as a foundation. In order to blend effectiveness and regularity of use, I am very conscious of creating delightful textures, delicate fragrances and enchanting names.

NUXE has become the natural origin cosmetology brand that combines performanceand pleasure, and one of the best-selling* brands in pharmacies and parapharmacies in France.

NUXE's DNA is the marriage of high rigor and a touch of poetry.

Our philosophy: Beauty by Nature

Nuxe Laboratoires Products

24HR Men's Deodrant, No Marks,No Stains For all skin types This men deodorant guarantees 24-hour protection. No alcohol, no aluminium salts. No white-marks, prevents sweat patches. A masculine, woody and spicy fragrance. Pack: Roll-on 50ml.
Multi-Use Men's Shower Gel For all skin types including sensitive skin - Face, Body, Hair Formulated using plant ingredients and with a neutral pH, this shower gel with extracts of Oak and Hornbeam gently cleanses the face, body and hair. For a really energizing sensation. Pack: Tube 200ml.
Multi-Purpose Eye Cream For Men,Anti-Eye Bag, Anti-Dark Circles,Anti-Aging This multi-purpose men eye cream with Oak and Hornbeam extract helps reduce the appearance of bags, alleviate the appearance of dark circles, smoothe the eye contour and protects the skin from visible signs of aging: all with just one product. The eye contour area appears decongested. Pack: Pump Bottle 15ml.
Multi-purpose Gel Hydrating Face Care For Men, Energizing, Reduce Shine All skin types, including sensitive skin This men moisturizing cream in gel with Oak and Hornbeam extracts and Hyaluronic Acid hydrates, helps restore strength and energy to the skin and helps reduce shine in in areas that tend to be oily. Instantly makes skin feel comfortable and soft, with a non-greasy feel. Hydrates and helps reduce the visible signs of tiredness and stress. Pack: Pump Bottle 50ml.
Multi-purpose Men’s After Shave Face Care-Soothing,24Hr Hydration All skin types, including sensitive skin This after-shave balm with Oak and Hornbeam extracts soothes sensations of irritation and helps to calm razor burn. It provides long-lasting hydration for 24 hours and helps reduce visible signs of tiredness and stress. A masculine and woody scented after shave balm you can use daily as moisturizing face cream. Pack:Tube 50ml.
Men’s Shaving Gel-Thick & Creamy Foam For all skin types, including sensitive skin A thick and creamy gel shaving foam with Sandalwood extract for an easy, accurate and irritation-free shave. A masculine, woody and spicy fragrance. Pack: Aerosol 150ml.
Youth & Energy Revealing Anti-Aging Fluid For all skin types NATURALLY EFFECTIVE This new-generation anti-aging product with extracts of Oak, Hornbeam, Passionflower and Hyaluronic Acid reveals the skin's energy*: day after day, it appears rejuvenated. Skin seems revitalized and firmer, with wrinkles smoothed and dull complexions revived. Pack:50 ml.    

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