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• Viniferin. • Piroctone olamine. • Arginine- Lysine. • Cystine precursor. •Vitamin B6.   Indications: Chronic or occasional hair loss in men and women.   Properties: • Slows hair loss. • Encourages regrowth. • Protects against damage from outside elements. • Not greasy- Not sticky –Dries quickly – Easy to apply.   Usage: Apply 2 ml (14 sprays) to dry hair every evening for 6 weeks, followed by 2 ml 3 times/ week for 6 weeks - Do not rinse. 3 months of treatment.  
• N-acetylcysteine, Cystine precursor. • Vitamin B6. • Anti hair loss compound containing micronised Zinc Pirythione.   Indications: Chronic or Occasional Hair loss in Men and Women.   Properties: • Gently cleanses. • Slows hair loss and encourages regrowth. • Restores strength, volume and flexibility.   Usage: 3 times a week Individually or in conjunction with Cystine B6 Lotion for better results.  
• L-cystine • Vitamin B6 • Zinc   Indications: -Fragile hair and nails   Properties: • Stimulates growth and improves hair and nail quality • Protects hair follicles   Usage: 4 tablets per day taken with meals Recommend-ed for a period of 3 months

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