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A French pharmacist and biologist specialising in cellular technologies, Jean-Noël Thorel has conducted a wealth of research into skin bio-ecology, and is founder of the brands Institut Esthederm, Bioderma and Etat Pur. In the 1970s, the sun-loving researcher devised a different approach to sun protection that went against traditional ways of thinking. Based on optimised tanning and natural skin protection, it is strongly anti-photo ageing.


Ageing, intolerance and dark spots are all sun-related symptoms that have led to the creation of what are now highly popular products: Bronz Repair, Adaptasun, Intolérances Solaires, PhotoReverse.

Jean Noël Thorel then developed patents and technologies that support the effectiveness of all face care, body care or suncare products and laid the foundations of the Esthederm philosophy: advances in aesthetics through biology.

Institut Esthederm Products

Universal moisturizing and revitalizing product. For skin that craves freshness, here is an ultra-light, easily absorbed product that completely revitalizes your skin cells.Cellular Water Gel procures a fabulous sensation of intense lasting freshness resulting in moisturized, radiant, healthy skin. Apply morning and/or evening on clean dry skin (face and neck). Pack: 50 ml Tube.
The unique, patented Cellular Water is used in all Esthederm formulas. This spray, similar to physiological water, works in harmony with cells and optimises their vitality.  Spray and then gently massage in. Use under the face cream and during the day as often as required.  Pack: 100 ml Spray.

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