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Founded in 1975 by a cosmetic physician, the first product produced was made exclusively from plant extracts and was an instant sensation. LIERAC quickly became the No. 1 French dermo-cosmetic brand (dermatology based cosmetic) specialized in the correction of skin aging but also of skin disorders left untreated.

In 1979, by integrating LIERAC lab in his group, Patrick Ales offered the brand a new dimension. LIERAC  follows the idea of technical and performant skin cares, adding a touch of pleasure and feminity, that will become the essence of LIERAC. The glamour you can find in the sensoriality of active textures, pleasure of the perfumes and luxury of packaging in each LIERAC product is a veritable delight.


Lierac Products

Body-Slim Triple Action is for women who want a global slimming product that acts on their figure and skin quality and who are seeking a well-defined and flawless figure. It's a body-contouring fluid concentrate, which actively soothes and helps firm the skin and helps diminish cellulite.    The instant "enveloping" effect gives an intense and long-lasting feeling of freshness. Experience a new application process developed by a massage professional, to facilitate absorption of the active ingredients and help reduce congestion and tone the skin.   Pack: 200 ml.
The 1st elixir new generation that associates a regenerating booster complex to oleo-active ingredients of rare black flowers and precious oils for a global anti-aging effect on all visible signs of aging. Pack: 30 ml
AN EXCEPTIONAL AND IMMEDIATE YOUTH BOOST that corrects all the signs of aging: deep wrinkles, loss of density, slackening, uneven complexion, dark spots, pores, skin texture. Its creamy and enveloping active texture creates an immediate replenishing second-skin effect with a velvety finish. Pack: 75 ml
This divinely generous cream offers real wrinkle-filling action and extreme nutrition for a visibly younger-looking face and incredible comfort. Pack: 50 ml Jar.
  Absolute Anti-aging A delicious melt-in formula, this serum containing 10% pure hyaluronic acid solution helps stimulate natural DNA repair for exceptional cell regeneration. Pack: 30 ml.
Deep wrinkles, 3D LIFTING This treatment combines the Cell-Junction complex (3.6%) with hyaluronic acid (5%) for 3D lifting action on the face. Enriched in candolle flower extract, it provides long-lasting results moisture replenishment to normal to dry skin. Pack: 50 ml Jar.  
Droopy eyelids, puffiness & dark circles This rejuvenating treatment tightens skin around the eyelid area while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin is hydrated and eyes appear larger. Pack: 15 ml.  
  Deep wrinkles, 3D LIFTING The active stretch texture, enriched with a natural and ultra-high performance tightening agent, has an immediate lifting effect, while leaving skin feeling soft and comfortable. Pack: 30 ml.  
Deep wrinkles, 3D LIFTING This treatment combines the Cell-Junction complex (3.6%) with hyaluronic acid (5%) for a 3D facial lifting effect. Enriched with a encapsulated volumizing resin and argan and mallow oils, it redensifies and lift skin during the night. Pack: 50 ml Jar.  
Lips & contours Moisturizing balms for the lips. Repairs, protects, fills in wrinkles and rejuvenates the lips. Pack: 15 ml.
  Neck & decollete This anti-aging cream-gel helps to instantly tighten the neck & décolleté for smooth, wrinkle-free skin that's re-plumped and strengthened for an immediate lifting effect. Pack: 50 ml Jar.  
Wrinkles - Firmness - Radiance This revitalizing treatment utilizes peptides and protein complexes to reverse damage and smooth wrinkles. Hibiscus flower extract, a natural source of AHA, helps leave your skin feeling renewed with long-lasting moisture. Pack: 30 ml.  
Perfect for all skin types, this active texture combines the freshness of a gel and the concentration of a mask, forming an invisible film to diffuse the active ingredients throughout the night. Wake up to revitalized skin that appears smoother and fresher. Night after night, visible signs of fatigue are reduced, wrinkles are corrected and complexion becomes more even. Skin tone is beautiful and luminous, featuring a new radiance. Revitalizing, smoothes and revives tired features Skin retexturized upon awakening Evens out skin tone to boost radiance An active texture with instant "beautiful skin" effect, inspired by asian "sleeping creams." Fresh as a gel, potent as a mask, it creates an invisible film to optimize release throughout the night A concentrate of freshness with a delicate, relaxing fragrance Pack: 50 ml Jar.
  Wrinkles - Firmness - Radiance This anti-aging cream-gel helps reactivate youth and brings instant refinement and illumination to the skin. Deeply nourishes and diminishes visible signs of fatigue; gives the skin a healthy and beautiful appearance. Pack: 50 ml Jar.  
This gentle exfoliator's skin-softening and soothing white clay and mallow extract formula is enriched with linseed flower extract that is vaso-protecting and detoxofying, and in exfoliating. Pack: 50 ml Tube.
  This gentle skin-softening and moisturizing mask is made of pink clay and rose extract, and delivers an instant sensation of comfort to skin. Paraben free Soothes and moisturizes skin Hydrates skin Softens skin Instantly comforts skin Pack: 50 ml Tube
This radiance toning lotion's natural complex combines probiotics (Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus acidophilus) with botanical honey in order to preserve the cutaneous ecosystem and stimulate.   Pack: 200 ml bottle.
A delicious melt-in formula, this oxygenating serum plumps the skin for a more youthful appearance. It regenerates the skin for exceptional radiance and complexion. Pack: 50 ml Bottle.
An ideal rescue balm to help hydrate and oxygenate the skin, it instantly comforts the skin. Fine lines and the first appearance of wrinkles are visibly smoothed. Pack: 50 ml Jar.
This moisturizing cream-gel instantly comforts and deeply hydrates the skin. Providing lasting care, it envelopes the skin in moisture. Fine lines and first wrinkles are visibly smoothed for enhanced complexion. Pack:50 ml Jar.
Enriched with mallow and linseed flower extracts, this micellar water perfectly removes makeup from all skin types, even sensitive skin. Alcohol-free, no-rinse formula. Pack: 200 ml Bottle.
This creamy cleanser enriched with rose and cherry flower extracts is the number 1 choice to cleanse dry skin in need of comfort. Pack: 200 ml Bottle.

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