Huile Soyeuse

Product Description

Lightweight hydrating oil
Dry & Fine Hair
- Hydrates, tonifies and revitalizes the hair.
- Hair regains softness and shine.
- Styling and detangling are facilitated.
Hydrating & Coating Action:
• Calendula oleo-extract: hydrates, softens and coats the hair.
Detangling is facilitated.
Tonifying & Regenerating Action:
• Rosemary oleo-extract: protects, hydrates and shines the hair.
Protective & Shine Action:
• Mallow extraction: protects, hydrates and shines the hair.
98% botanical and natural formula.
Directions For Use:
Spray directly on hair or in the palm of hands then spread on lengths and ends
Can be used on damp or dry hair. DO NOT RINSE.
PHYTO Recommends:
Use daily on dry and fine hair.
Styling and brushing are facilitated.

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