PhytoBaume Volume

Product Description

Fine Hair
- Hair appears “plumped up”, looking visibly denser and shinier.
- Instantly detangles.
Coating &  Energizing Action:
• Gleditsia extract: naturally coats hair, helping densify and tone it while restoring radiance.
Volumizing Action:
• Red algae extract: hydrates hair and adds body.
• Elderflower extraction (82%): hydrates and softens the hair fiber, imparting a feeling of lightness.
Directions For Use:
After shampooing, towel-dry hair carefully then spread a walnut-sized amount of PHYTOBAUME VOLUME through lengths and ends. Smooth with a comb. NO NEED TO WAIT. Rinse thoroughly.
PHYTO Recommends:
Use after each shampoo on fine hair.

Product Details

  • Phyto
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
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