PhytoCyane Ampoules

Product Description

Densifying Treatment Serum For Women 
Stress, Fatigue, Dieting, Pregnancy
- Helps strengthen hair and stimulate new growth.
- Helps delay the appearance of gray hair.
- Hair regains density, volume and shine.
Action To Protect The Hair Bulb's Environment & Regenerating  Action:
• Ginkgo biloba and viburnum bark extracts: encourage cellular exchanges and keratin production.
• Grape procyanidins: anti-free radical. Protect the hair bulb to help prevent the appearance of visible signs of aging.
Action To Support New Hair Growth: 
• Sulfur-containing amino acids, peptide stimulators, sulfur-containing polyosides: help boost keratin production.
Volumizing & Shine-Enhancing Action:
• Vitamins B5 and B6: improve hair hydration and volume.
• Silk proteins: impart shine.
Anti-Aging Action:
• Tyrosine derivative: a melanin precursor, it helps delay the appearance of gray hair.
Directions For Use:
After shampooing, apply the entire contents of an ampoule of PHYTOCYANE to the scalp, section by section, using the applicator tip. Massage
gently. Style as usual. DO NOT RINSE.
PHYTO Recommends:
Use for reactional thinning hair conditions in women:
Apply 1 ampoule* 3 times a week for 1 month.
*up to 3 ampoules a week in case of severe reactional thinning hair.

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