PhytoKeratine Repairing Thermal Protecting Spray

Product Description

Damaged, Brittle Hair
- Effectively repairs the internal substance of damaged hair.
- Help protect hair from heat and breakage during blow-drying.
- Hair is more resistant, silky soft, easier to style and control.
In-Depth Repair & Hydrating Action:
• Botanical keratin: helps repair and hydrate the hair fiber deep down.
• Hyaluronic acid: retains moisture deep inside the hair fiber to keep hair optimally hydrated.
Protecting & Smoothing Action
• Yun zhi extract: natural heat-regulating agent that boosts the repairing effectiveness of the formula by sealing the plant keratin deep-down
under the effect of heat.
• Encapsulated rice ceramides: smooth down the cuticle and deeply fill in the micro-lesions of the hair fiber.
Directions For Use:
Use PHYTOKÉRATINE SPRAY after shampooing, spraying onto damp lengths and ends, and comb through. Then style, blow-dry or smooth as usual. LEAVE-IN.
PHYTO Recommends:
Use on damaged, brittle hair every time you blow-dry or smooth it.
Can also be used on dry hair to ease styling.
When using a straightening iron, carefully pre-dry hair.

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