Phytolium 4 Ampoules

Product Description

Action To Extend The Hair’s Life  Cycle
CAPICELLPRO, botanical technology innovation combining 2 patented active ingredients.
•Shiitake mushroom: helps stimulate sirtuins, the cellular longevity proteins.
•Biocompatible extract of wild apple stem cells: helps protect hair follicles to delay the appearance of visible signs of hair aging.
Action To Prevent Hair Thinning:
• Serenoa extract - patented active ingredient: helps inhibit the 5α-reductase enzyme that causes hair thinning and helps regulate excess
• Essential oils of sage, rosemary, lemon, cypress and cajeput: purifying and stimulating. Help tone and regenerate the area surrounding the
Action To Encourage  Hair  Growth:
• Solanum glycoproteins - patented active ingredient: help stimulate keratinocytes to encourage hair growth and tone the hair.
Action To Add Density:
• Grape procyanidins: anti-free radical. Protect the hair bulb and prevent the appearance of visible signs of aging.
• Cananga essential oil: help boost surface micro-circulation.
1 kg (over 2 pounds) of fresh plants per dose.
Directions For Use:
Apply PHYTOLIUM 4 CONCENTRATE to a damp scalp, section by section, using the applicator tip. Massage gently. Style as usual. DO NOT RINSE.
PHYTO Recommends:
Use PHYTOLIUM 4 CONCENTRATE for severe thinning hair conditions in men as a 3-month intensive program with 2 applications per week (1 ampoule = 1 application).
Repeat the program twice a year.
Can be used all year round for aggravated conditions.

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