PhytoVolume Volumizing Shampoo

Product Description

Volumizing shampooing
- Delivers body and hold all over hair.
- Optimizes the diameter of the finest-textured hair from the roots.
- Hair feels denser and stronger from the very first application.
Astringent & Energizing Action
• Yarrow and tormentil extraction (64%): makes hair feel lighter and restores bounce from the roots.
• Guarana extract: tones and energizes hair.
Coatng & Volumizing Action
• Chitin extract (crustacean shell resin): coats the hair shaft and adds body.
• Red algae extract: hydrates and adds body.
Directions For Use:
Apply PHYTOVOLUME SHAMPOO to wet hair. Massage gently. Rinse thoroughly.
PHYTO Recommends:
Use twice a week on fine-textured, limp hair.
If hair is washed daily, alternate with a frequent-use shampoo.
For intense volume, use PHYTOBAUME VOLUME conditioner and PHYTOVOLUME ACTIF SPRAY on wet roots or PHYTOPULP MOUSSE all over wet
hair after each shampoo.

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