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For more than 60 years, Mustela has successfully developed products to nourish and protect both babies and their mothers throughout the world. Mustela products are able to trigger unique emotions with their pleasant aroma and have been proudly handed down from mother to child for more than three generations.

Mustela has always been a pioneer and constantly innovates and integrates the latest scientific breakthroughs to best meet the need sof new parents. Little by little, all of these minor revolutions have changed the daily lives of babies and their mothers, as new concepts, new formula, new textures and increasingly practical products and packages have been introduced. Internationally acknowledged, these innovations have resulted in 635 patents being registered by  Expanscience Laboratories throughout the world over the last 15 years.

Today, Mustela features around 50 products strengthening its unique dermatological expertise more powerfully than ever before. Innovative, safe, effective and increasingly natural, Mustela’s products protect babies’ skin – as well as the skin of new mothers – now and for the future.




Mustela Products

Specially formulated for post-partum skin care, Mustela 9 Months Stretch Marks Intensive Action reduces existing stretch marks with its exclusive combination of vitamins and naturally-derived ingredients. Format:Tube 75 ml.
Specially formulated for post-partum skin care, Mustela 9 Months Post-Partum Body Restructuring Gel firms up slackened skin and reduces unsightly puffiness with its naturally-derived ingredients. Format: Tube 200 ml.
Specially formulated for breast care during pregnancy, Mustela 9 Months Specific Support Bust soothes tight, tender breasts. With its combination of exclusive ingredients of natural origin, it prevents skin slackening and loss of elasticity. Format: Tube 125 ml.
Specially formulated for the nipple area (which is particularly exposed and sensitive during breastfeeding), Mustela 9 Months Nursing Comfort Balm soothes, nourishes and helps restructure delicate breast skin thanks to its combination of vitamins and naturally-derived ingredients. Format:Tube 30 ml.  
During pregnancy and then after childbirth, your body undergoes many changes which leave their mark on your skin. To keep your skin looking beautiful and enable you to fully enjoy your pregnancy, Mustela 9 months features the first complete range of products specially designed for the skin of new and expectant mothers.

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