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The Dermatological Expertise of SVR Laboratories:


SVR's passion and mission is to build the cosmetics company of tomorrow.

In 2011, SVR Laboratories invested €11 million into its research and production site and strengthened the company's sales and development teams. This has allowed SVR to accelerate its growth and expand to conquer new international markets.

SVR Laboratories is an independent French company based just south of Paris. For 50 years, SVR has been developing and producing innovative dermo-cosmetic skin care that is recommended by health professionals and sold in pharmacies and drug stores in more than 50 countries.

SVR is a medium-sized company. Ten percent of its employees work in Research and Development designing and formulating skin care products.

SVR's products are effective and uncompromising in their choice and concentration of ingredients and product formulations. Our products undergo numerous quality control steps and are developed in accordance with very strict industrial processes.


50 years of research, innovation and action.
100% committed to dermatology.

SVR Laboratories Products

·  Regulates perspiration, absorbs humidity and fights bad odors (armpits). ·  Anti-Perspiration 48H* ·  Hypoallergenic. ·  For every skin even sensitive. Format: 50ml Roll-on.
  ·  Regulates perspiration and absorbs humidity. ·   Multi-areas: feet, hands, armpits, skinfolds, scalp and face. ·   Anti-perspirant 48H. ·   Hypoallergenic. ·    For every skin even sensitive. Format: 50ml Tube dome shaped applicator.
· Gently cleanses. ·  Helps reduce odors on the most sensitive skin. ·   Hypoallergenic. Format: 200 ml Tube.  

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