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Phyto Products

Ultra-shine permanent color with botanical pigments Naturally radiant, long-lasting color. 100% gray hair coverage from the very first application. Respects scalp and hair sensitivity. Ultra-shine result and protected color.   Contains: - Developer Lotion: Hydrogen Peroxide 6%. - Coloring Cream: Ammonia (in a low concentration), botanical pigments. - Potecting Balm: Sea Buckthom extract,Sunflower extract, Grapefruit extract, Hibiscus flowers, Castor oil, Malow extract.   Shades: 16 PHYTOCOLOR shades to choose from Consult the shade lineup to visualize them   1 Black 2 Brown 4 ChestNut 4D Light Golden ChestNut 4M Light ChestNut Brown 4MC Chocolate Brown 5 Light ChestNut 6 Dark Blond 6AC Dark Coppery/Mahogany Blond 6C Dark Coppery Blond 7 Blond 7D Golden Blond 8 Light Blond 8CD Strawberry Blond 9 Very Light Blond 9D Very Light Golden Blond     MAHOGANY CHOCOLATE CHESTNUT LIGHT CHESTNUT COPPERY HAZEL LIGHT CHESTNUT 6 6AC 6C 6D 7 7D 7PG 8 8CD 9 9D DARK BLOND DARK COPPERY MAHOGANY BLOND DARK COPPERY BLOND DARK GOLDEN BLOND BLOND GOLDEN BLOND ICY PRALINE BLOND LIGHT BLOND STRAWBERRY BLOND VERY LIGHT BLOND VERY LIGHT GOLDEN BLOND    

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