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  Dry Hair - Strengthens hair’s resistance against external stress factors and revitalizes the hair fiber. - Hair is smoothed and hydrated, recovering exceptional shine.   Protecting, Toning & Softening Action: • Castor plant oil: helps preserve hair’s moisture levels and softens keratin. Imparts immediate shine. • Essential oils of sage, rosemary and juniper berries: recondition the hair fiber. • Oat amino acids and hydrolyzed wheat: revitalizing. • Corn germ oil: emollient and softening. • Calendula extraction : protects and softens hair.   Shine-Enhancing Action: • Essential oil of lemon: smoothes down the cuticle and adds shine. • Cider vinegar (apple): closes the scales of the cuticle to deliver exceptional shine. Water-dispersible oil: rinses out easily 10 plant extracts   Directions For Use: Break both tips of the ampoule and pour the oil into the diffuser bottle. Spray onto hair, strand by strand, then twist and massage from ends towards roots. Leave on for 15 minutes or more. Rinse thoroughly, then shampoo.   PHYTO Recommends: Intensive treatment: 1 ampoule per week for 5 consecutive weeks; apply the oil to dry hair before shampooing. To maintain results: 1 ampoule once every 2 weeks. Ideal before, during and after any color treatment: see PHYTOCOLOR.

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